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What is Theta Healing?

What is Theta Healing?

Theta Healing is a simple, safe, yet powerful non-invasive therapy that reprogrammes entrenched negative belief patterns. It works on our energy systems to identify, remove and replace toxic beliefs, held either consciously or unconsciously in our bodies at a cellular level.

Many of us have deeply held negative beliefs that drive us and stop us living our best lives despite our efforts to change.  Or as Albert Einstein so succinctly put it “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  Theta healing works quickly to clear those blocks and for many the results are instantaneous and transformative on an emotional, mental, spiritual and physical level and once underlying beliefs have been changed then your life can begin to change.

Theta Healing is easy, very fast, safe and highly effective. It has proved to be so effective in bringing about physical and emotional change.

Theta Healing is a way of reprogramming the patterns held in our belief systems to something which supports you instead of undermining you. It works on our energy systems and our emotional beliefs and the effects can be instantaneous and permanent. It clears underlying negative patterns and beliefs, often ones that are operating at an unconscious level but drive us to live in a certain way that doesn’t work for us. Once the underlying negativity has been cleared, then your life can start to change.

There are two branches of Theta healing, one concentrates on transforming physical conditions, which is how Vianna Stibal, the founder of Theta healing healed herself of a cancerous growth in her leg.  She discovered that by connecting to the Creator of all that is that she could change her beliefs at cellular level, which subsequently cleared the illness from her body.

The other branch concentrates on healing emotional issues, it has long been understood that many of our physical diseases are manifestations of emotional blocks.  In my practice I don’t concentrate on the physical aspects of people’s illnesses because I know from experience that once we change the beliefs we hold in the body as unexpressed emotions, then a lot of the physical simply disappear.

People punish themselves with guilt and unhappiness and hold this torment and punishment in their bodies which receives this punishment as disease, illness and psychological problems and I have found that with Theta healing people get better when their beliefs shift.

As with all these beliefs, the reality of people’s lives are a reflection of beliefs and my job is to get to the reasons why people hold on to these beliefs and clear them.

Theta Healing targets the cause of the disease/ behaviour or problem. It works by resolving the deepest and most entrenched grief and fears and negative thinking in a matter of moments. With Theta Healing the unconscious mind can be reprogrammed to hold beliefs and thinking which will support a healthy body and mind. It will even allow you to create more of what you wish for in your life.

A useful analogy is that the brain is like a computer that holds a lot of software, some supports you, some undermines you and then you have the viruses. A theta healer will reprogramme the beliefs to something that supports you to allow who you really are to shine through unhampered by negativity. Doesn’t mean to say that  we will live life in a permanent state of bliss once we’ve been healed but more important that one lives in reality and as you change, things and relationships change around you because everything in our life is a mirror to our beliefs and who we are.

You can think of each platform of beliefs like a trampoline tethered to its frame by strings. Each belief tethered by a whole supporting set of belief and one must cut the strings, or enough for the client to start noticing the difference. Theta works by clearing all the bits around it.

Most people say that they feel lighter, that a burden has been lifted after a session of Theta healing. Many are surprised to realise just how destructive and negative their underlying beliefs were. Very often people are astonished to discover what beliefs are driving them.  Often high powered women will find out that they actually believe, on some level that they feel inferior to men.  This is of course not conscious but has possibly been programmed unconsciously from childhood or is a family belief that they’ve absorbed.

The healing takes place at a cellular level which means that when you reprograme your beliefs about yourself and your life at that level, you will find that the constant undertow of negativity that most of us live with disappears. And once the underlying negativity has been cleared, then your life can start to change.

There are so many but common issues that Theta can help with the most common are feeling unworthy, low self esteem, relationships with parents, feeling unloved or not good enough, or over criticised, lack of confidence, feeling like a fraud – all these issues can be cleared with Theta Healing.

Body image, addictions, you name it, people come to me with all these issues and we get to the bottom of the problem and I’ve seen incredible changes when people have revealed and cleared and replaced the beliefs that were driving them.

Lots of people have deeply ingrained money issues and I have seen many high powered men with business problems who used to be money magnets but have lost the Midas touch and then wonder what has happened, and we uncover the beliefs.  I have very successful men terrified that they got to where they got by sheer luck. Barristers and hedge fund managers for example and they have huge confidence issues which manifest as tactless and aggressive. It’s only when you start digging with these people that you find they are not confident at all

Other people have huge money issues driven by beliefs like “money and power contaminate me and I’ll become an arrogant and unfeeling person if I have money or power.” Or “I will lose sight of my spirituality if I have money and power”, “or money is the root of all evil”, or “I don’t deserve to have financial stability”.

Many women have self-esteem and issues surrounding self worth.  I’ve had very high powered women discover that they feel inferior to men despite their achievements, or that “god doesn’t love me”, “women should be seen and not heard”.  They are usually horrified to discover what beliefs they hold unconsciously, these might have come from their family, their social grouping or something they absorbed as children.

My advice is to always check a Theta Healer’s experience before going to see them and see someone with a therapeutic background.

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Deborah TalahayDeborah Talalay is a leading London-based Theta healer and  Homeopath with practices  in Harley Street and West London. Deborah has helped many people remove blocks and clear limiting beliefs. Now she has made a series of Theta Healing videos which will clear your blocks while you watch. The videos are available at a fraction of the cost of a private session.

Deborah is giving away free Weight Loss and Introductory videos, including a video on Kinesiology (muscle testing), which will uncover which beliefs you’re holding and will show you when these beliefs have been removed.


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