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How to Manage a Business Without Working Non-Stop

How to Manage a Business Without Working Non-Stop


How to Manage a Business

When starting a new business, it is easy to fall into a common trap: working at it day and night, taking no holidays or letting it spread through our whole life and end up on the beach in the summer with our laptop, Blackberry… and finding this perfectly normal. After all, we are on a mission here, it is our business which is at stake and we cannot let our precious few first customers down. Right? Right? … Wrong! Go on at this rate for a year or two and you are certain to head for disaster: burnout is not far away. Our body and mind are not meant to be working non-stop. In fact, they are at their best when resting regularly. You think this is only for a year or two to kick-start the business and then you will be working less? Not very likely, your body and mind will have got used to overworking and will want to go on. And hopefully, you will have much more clients by then, therefore much more work. Imagine what would happen if suddenly you had a break-down and could not work for many months? Time to rethink your schedule!
So, what is the secret to long-lasting energy? The answer: to be able to do more, you need to do less! Only a few seconds of break can make a big difference on your energy levels come the end of the day. You just have to do it!
Daily Micro-breaks: Several times a day, take a 30 seconds or 1 minute break, wherever you are: close your eyes, breathe out deeply, let your shoulders down, forget everything and listen only to your breathing. If you want to make it two or five minutes, excellent but keep in mind that it is more efficient to have several very short breaks rather than one longer one.
Weekly rest: Keep one day every week to… do nothing! Try having a day off everything: no TV, no phone, no computer… Make certain you are not going to be disturbed and relax! Do only what you feel like doing but very slowly.
Switch off: every evening at a set time switch off all electronic devices that are related to work: computer, mobile phone… and do the same one day a week and at least twice a year during your holidays. Get organised before leaving but make sure no one can reach you about work during that time.
What are you waiting for? Try it and let me know!
Florence Parot

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