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Athena Branding Colours – from The Colour Expert

Athena Branding Colours – from The Colour Expert

The Athena Network (OUR Network!!!) Branding Colours

Every business brand has a personality, qualities that define who they are.  When these qualities are translated into the right combination of colours and from the same colour family, your branding message is strengthened.

This is because colour sends your brand’s message quicker to the brain than words or images, so with the correct use of colour, your brand recognition could increase by up to 80%.

At Marilena’s request, here is what Athena’s colours represent.

Magenta represents imagination, innovation, creativity

Grey is solid, stable, dependable and serious

Combining these two colours together shows Athena to be progressive and non-conformist (showing a new way to network) whilst providing a stable, dependable platform for their members.

Maybe this is why we were subconsciously attracted to become an Athena member.

Have you noticed the number of women’s networking groups that have adopted Magenta as their primary colour?

As Magenta is such a powerful, intense colour, grey tempers this.

Would Athena’s brand project the same qualities if they used this pink? Straight away the energy changes… this pink with the dark grey gives the feeling of fragility, neediness …

Imagine the power of your brand if only the combination of colours is seen and everyone knows it’s your brand.

Easy Jet, Cadbury, Tiffany, McDonalds and BP are just some of the brands who have trademarked their distinctive colours.  It’s not surprising to hear the big brands understand the importance of colour psychology, many consulting with colour psychology specialists to get their branding colours right.

Thinking about your own branding colours, do you know the reasons you chose them?   Perhaps you even let someone else arbitrarily choose them for you?  What subconscious messages is your business communicating through the colours you use in your branding?


About the author: Karen Haller is an Applied Colour Psychology Specialist.  She helps business owners to communicate their brand’s authentic business personality in colour, further strengthening their marketing message.

© 2011 Karen Haller Colour & Design Consultancy

  1. Colours impact so much and its great to see it so simply laid out.

    Thank you

  2. That’s really interesting – thanks Karen. I know why I like using grey in my website now!

  3. Great food for thought. Perhaps we all need to look at our colour presentation

  4. This really make you think about the colours we choose. it would be interesting to find out if we subliminally choose colours we like and if we should be educated to use complementry colours.

  5. Glad you enjoyed the article Katie. Colour provides a fasinating insight into the personality…. whether that’s a business or an invdividual.

  6. What an excellent article and a fascinating insight into the business personality as defined by colour Karen. Perfect seeing our Athena values and vision come alive with the magic of colour

    Thank you!

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