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How to answer the question “What do you do?”

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How to answer the question “What do you do?”



3 steps to a better answer:



1. To engage your ideal clients you need to communicate the results you achieve (or outcome or transformation) not the process you use
Sell the destination, not the plane

2. You need to explain who you help which means describing your ideal client and what problem they have or goal they want to achieve

3. If you can, explain that you have a system or process for helping these kinds of people achieve these kinds of results.

Template and Examples

Template no.1: I [have a 7 step system which] help[s] [my ideal clients] achieve [the result they really want] so that they can [insert ultimate outcome or benefit they get]

E.g. “I have a 7 step system that shows small business owners how to work on all 7 profit multipliers in their business  so they can stop endlessly chasing new customers and instead develop multiple income streams and  increase their profits.  Which ultimately means they make more money and get the rewards they really deserve for all their hard work.”

Template no.2 : I [have a 5 step system which] help[s] [my ideal client] go from [describe specific problems they have now] to [outcome/result they really want] in [amount of time]

E.g. “I have a 5 step system that helps take professional advisers, coaches and consultants who are struggling to find enough clients because they don’t want to be ‘salesy’ in their marketing  to having a consistent flow of ideal clients approaching them in just 90 days.”

If you need help with working out how to explain what you do, and really convey the benefits, feel free to ask!

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