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You Love Athena Meetings But What Next?

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You Love Athena Meetings But What Next?

What you do after the networking event is almost more important that the event itself. What’s the point of spending the time at Athena meetings if you don’t get in touch with people afterwards.



Here are some tips as to how to make the most of the meetings you attend.

Sort through the business cards
Do this while the event is fresh in your mind so you can clearly remember which category you want to put each person in to. Divide all the business cards into those you wish to pursue a business relationship with now, those who may be useful in the future and those whose details you want to keep just in case.

Contact the people you would like to meet again
Hopefully you will have bumped into at least one person who expressed serious interest in your business or vice versa. Contact these people as soon as possible. This is a task which is best done while everyone’s memories are fresh.

Choose the right method of contact
How you contact people depends on what you are comfortable with, what you want to discuss and what industry you work in.  Use the telephone, email, Twitter…whatever you think will be most effective – hand written notes could get you noticed.

Decide what to say
Before you send that LinkedIn invitation, pick up the phone or type an email; decide what you want to say and be yourself. The approach you take will, of course, depend on your reason for getting in contact but some common tactics include:

  • Thank them for their time or for useful information they passed your way.
  • Send an article you think may be of interest to them.
  • Offer your contact details for future meetings.
  • Invite them to another networking event you feel may be relevant to them.
  • Meanwhile if you know someone who might benefit from our services / requires assistance with… Please feel free to pass on my details.
  • Please keep our company in mind…

Keep your promises
If you promised to do something, follow it through. If you do a favour for a contact you made they are much more likely to want to help you in the future, whether that means giving you business or more connections. Don’t be afraid to remind them of something they promised you. As long as you are polite, there is no harm in re-opening the conversation.

Tie up loose ends
Once you have compiled all your data and made any contact you want to make, update your spreadsheet or database with any new information you may have gathered. Save it all where you can find it easily and make notes in your diary or calendar to follow up where necessary.

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