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The Secrets of Successful Hot Seating – How To Be Somebody Else

The Secrets of Successful Hot Seating – How To Be Somebody Else

How To Be Somebody Else

The Secrets of Successful Hot Seating

by Francine Kaye

Do you remember the TV programme Stars in Their Eyes? The one where celebrities’ and ‘civilians’ turned themselves into their favorite popstar? They would come on dressed as themselves and announce to the presenter “Today Matthew I am going to be…….” And then they’d disappear behind the curtain only to return as someone else entirely.


Sometimes they were so fabulous you almost couldn’t tell them from the real thing.


When you Hot Seat for another Athena Lady your mission is to BE that member.

Your job is NOT to just stand there and stumble over the words written on a piece of paper that goes on for longer than one minute.

Your job is to embody the person you are being.

Get right inside their services and present them in a way that is just as fabulous as if the member was standing there herself.

Being asked or invited to Hot Seat is a privilege and an honor.

It’s not about a free lunch and another opportunity to do your own networking.


You are being trusted with representing a fellow member.

And here’s something else to remember. Your own reputation is on the line here. If you cannot represent another member with creativity, passion and positive regard, how can we trust you to represent us to your network?

If we cannot hear your enthusiasm and belief in what someone else provides, the chances are that our precious services are not going to be represented well by you either.


So Ladies, lets turn up the temperature and really Hot Seat!!


Here are some tips that I have used that make Hot Seating the special occasion that it truly is:


1) Read the minute thoroughly.  You may not have met her so look at her website and read it thoroughly.  Understand her message and the type of person she is.  When you stand up to represent her, if you have to read her words, imagine it’s in the same tone and style that she would put across.  Step into her shoes. And say:

“Today Marilena” I am going to be……”  and mean it!


2) Be creative.  I represented Penny Bennett in Islington last week.  I have only met Penny once but knew her group liked her a lot.  So I stood up and said, ‘Imagine that you can see Penny standing here right now. Have you got the image of her in your mind?  Can you see what she is wearing, how she is standing?  Now give me some words to describe Penny”. And the group said, “stylish, elegant, well put together, someone I’d like to look like” and more.  The group created Penny for themselves in the room. It was then easy for me to point out that Penny, who is Personal Stylist, walks her talk because even if she isn’t there, she is known and remembered for what she does.


3)   Seek group Interaction.  Another way of representing a member is to first tell the group ‘who you are being’ and then ask “who here has had a ‘one to one’ or used the services of …… ?    Get one or two people to share a ‘one sentence’ experience of  the lady you are representing’. Then finish by saying ‘so if you want to experience (whatever it is that she offers) look no further’.


That’s just three ways and I’ll bet you can think up so many more creative ways to help each other ‘be there’, even when they are not.


Ladies, we owe it to each other to be the best representatives that we can be for each other’s businesses.

If we cannot do it for each other, how can we expect others to do it out there in the world for us?

I don’t know about you, but if someone asks me to Hot Seat for them in 2011, I want them to be absolutely sure its really gonna be really Hot Hot Seating!!


Francine Kaye is The Divorce Doctor and Britain’s Leading Relationship Coach, TV Expert and Author of ‘Time to Live’ and ‘The Divorce Doctor’ published by Hay House.

Her website is

  1. Well thought and said Francine! Hot Seating IS a privilege and we should treat it as such when given the opportunity. You are certainly “hot stuff” for Hot Seating!

  2. What a great article, Francine – I saw you hot seat for Penny Bennett at the Islington group in February, and I really felt that Penny was in the room, even though I had not even met her. I look forward to doing the same when I hot seat for other members in future! Thanks for the great ideas.

  3. Francine always walks the talk and I was privileged to be at the Islington meeting where she represented Penny. She blew us all away with her creative ‘take’ on Penny.
    As someone who is often asked to hotseat can I add a plea for members to send the hotseater their Minute as far in advance as possible so we can do the relevant research on you and your website. I know it sounds unbelievable but I’ve hotseated for people who don’t even bother to send their Minute!
    Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch…….

  4. Such simple ideas but so powerful. Well done for taking the trouble of putting this piece together Francine. Hot seating – if done well – gives you and the group the opportunity to really get two for the price of one!

  5. As a new member, my first hot seat at Chelsea Harbour group is coming up in a few days so this is really, really helpful for me. What a great perspective to view it as a priviledge. It gives me a way to connect with the lady who I’m representing that I hadn’t included in my thinking. Thank you Francine.

  6. Very helpful! Thanks Francine.

  7. Hey Francine, great and incredibly creative advice. Thank you.

  8. Francine, I haven’t yet hot seated for anyone and can look forward to it now with much more enthusiasm! It is so much more engaging than reading a text… You have created a wonderful inspirational tool for us all! Thanks!

  9. Hello Lovely Ladies

    Well, its May and that means its Hot Seating Month! I wish you all lots of fun as you represent the lady who has trusted you with her business. If you have ever wondered what its like to be a Printer a Perfumer or a PR, nows your chance to become someone else for a minute. Have a great month and Happy Hot Seating.

    Love Francine xx

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