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My Athena Membership

My Athena Membership


My Athena membership created unbelievable opportunities!

I have just renewed my  Athena membership and here are the reasons why:
Having joined the Athena Westminster group last October, with my new PR company, Inspire PR, in its infancy, I did not know what to expect. Would I get any clients? Would I meet likeminded women? Would it be both useful to my personal development and also fun?
The answers are: yes, yes and yes, with the fun factor going right off the scale!
Let me explain: I soon got clients through Athena, from within my own group, from other Athena Central London groups, and also from referrals. The opportunities to give testimonials at meetings is a powerful way for Athena members to reinforce each others’ professional reputations.
I got enough clients in this first year via Athena so did not need to market myself elsewhere. This saved me a lot of time.
Similarly, I soon found that Athena Central London is full of interesting professionals and entrepreneurs. I have had many good meetings, always learning something from them, and have made several friends.
In terms of personal development, I picked up some fantastic tips, whether it was from Marilena’s trainings, the short talks by fellow members at meetings, or specialist seminars run by experts.
So, Athena membership has proved to be a good use of my time and therefore good value for money. But when I joined, a year go, what I did not expect was the level of fun I had. I thought my days of having fun in a job were over. Far from it, I had some wonderful experiences, including taking part, with my family, in the London Faberge Giant Egg Hunt, and directing a photoshoot outside 10  Downing Street.
Best of all, it was through an Athena connection that I was made aware of the possibility of apply ing to take part as a volunteer performer in the Olympics Opening Ceremony!  Jeanefer Jean-Charles, who I had met at networking training,  emailed her contacts last October, asking for volunteers to help out with a dry run for the Olympics Ceremonies audition process. I volunteered, and enjoyed it so much I then applied for the actual auditions, somehow passed both a first audition and a recall, and in January was cast as a nurse in the NHS tribute sequence of the Olympics Opening Ceremony!

A busy rehearsal schedule started in April, and on 27 July at lest a billion people saw the end results!
It was the experience of a lifetime, something I had never dreamed of doing,  and the opportunity originated in Athena Central London!
You never know where your Athena membership will take you!

Claire Cohen
Inspire PR

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