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Discover your Inner Goddess

Discover your Inner Goddess

Find out all about your Inner Goddess… about your own feminine power and how to have a greater sense of balance, power and freedom.


Discover your Inner Goddess

Date: 7 March 2015
Time: 10:45am
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Working with techniques such as meditation, EFT (‘tapping’) and NLP, this powerful healing and transformational work focusses on Greek Goddesses as metaphors for the different aspects of our feminine energy. By balancing each Goddess energy, we find more balance in ourselves.

The work involves releasing negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions and celebrating our femininity in all its powerful forms. Be inspired, have fun, and be motivated to shine more brightly…

The 2 hour workshop will include the following:

  • Learn a simple and effective technique for releasing stress and negative thoughts, beliefs and feelings
  • Be guided to explore each of the Goddess Archetypes and their unique relationship to you
  • Develop an action plan for expanding and balancing these Goddess energies
  • Be rejuvenated by the collective energy of each Goddess attendee

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