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Star Members!!

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Star Members!!
Star Members, a huge thank you!

We have lots of fabulous new members in our Athena Central London area with the addition of three fabulous groups and more!
At the launch of the new area I had first hand experience of the power of team work.

A heartfelt thank you to all the Athena Central London Members who tirelessly spread the word and helped to make it a success.
And a huge thank you to those who were there to help me on the day.
Thank you for your hard work, for your being there for me, for your unconditional support, for your warm words, for being simply the best.
I had a vision of having a different Launch, of re-writing again Athena history and we achieved it thanks to the fabulous members of Athena Central London.
There’s no doubt in my mind that by working your magic YOU have made possible to convert so many months of work in a great success, the greatest ever.
I really feel humbled and privileged to have ALL OF YOU you around, together we have created a wonderful community.

  1. I visited the new Regents Park Group on Friday 9th July – thank you for letting me join you at your inaugural meeting! The members have diverse & interesting professions, and everyone had bags of energy & was full of enthusiasm.
    Please come to visit us at Chelsea Harbour in the autumn. I wish you all lots of luck!
    Vicki Moore
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