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Receiving feedback and testimonials, gives both the individual and others around them the opportunity to evaluate their effectiveness within a business environment.

At Athena Central London Network we have a lot of feedbacks and testimonials.


Here are some of them:


Athena Central London - Mayfair Meeting

Athena Central London – Mayfair Meeting


This is the place to come if you want to help your business grow – not only will you have a whole team of Athena members who can (and will) refer business to you, but you’ll get support, skills training and friendship too. Come along to a meeting and you’ll hear about the results others are getting from being part of the Athena Network – the proof is there to be heard and seen!

– Michelle Peters



Athena Business Women ‘s Networking has been a major part of my support and marketing strategy over the last 3 years. It has given me my closest friends and some great referrals, as well as the business and personal support systems (such as printer, IT support, business coach, homeopath, theta healer) that I have needed to build and maintain my business and my family. I enjoyed it so much that I am now a member of two groups!

– Alison Grimston



Athena Central London offers amazing help and support to business owners. It is full of professional women who share a common goal…to help themselves and others to be the best they can be in business. The atmosphere, training provided and friendship are invaluable and I look forward to each monthly meeting with like minded peers.

– Lesley Beattie


Athena Central London - Regents Meeting

Athena Central London – Regents Meeting


The Athena Central London Network is a great place for female business entrepreneurs. Not only will you meet some fabulous ladies and have great fun, you will find support and growth as you go through your business journey.

– Alison Charles



I always look forward to the Athena meetings. I’ve made some good friends and have found great solutions to what I’ve been looking for. I’ve had a lot of business through Athena and would highly recommend it to those thinking of joining.

– Debbie Talalay



What a wonderful ladies only group! We’re there to talk business but in a friendly way. We all support each other very naturally but strongly, we help each other to grow up, to become more confident, we trust each other… this is the place where to boost your business and I love it!

– Isabelle Lamy



Athena Central London - Islington

Athena Central London – Islington


I am a relatively new member and initially joined because Athena Central London has such a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The ethos of the group is to support each other and as a sole trader it can be quite lonely at times so the meetings are a lovely regular monthly social event too. I have recommended the groups to many.

– Mari Kovanen


I am a new member of the Athena. I am very happy to be part of this amazing and very supportive group 😊 Thanks

– Alessiia Nunziatini


What a great, supportive network for women who want to grow their business and make a difference to others. I was welcomed whole-heartedly and made some very important contacts as a result. Thank you, Anyes

– Lis Allen